Paul and Karen

Karen, who is English, came to the Netherlands in 1979, where she met Paul who is Dutch.  They both worked in the same hotel. They fell in love with each other and with Amsterdam and have lived there ever since. After working in hotels, Karen worked in Sales and Marketing in different fields and also started work as a Business Mentor. Paul continued working in Hotel Management.  Gradually, they bought, developed and rented out properties in Amsterdam and then retired from their jobs.

Janeth Huerto Cantos is a hardworking and ambitious person. Her greatest trait however, the one that made Karen and Paul chose her to be in charge of the foundation is that she is very trustworthy.
When it was decided to set up a foundation to help Filipino girls, she commissioned Janeth to set everything into motion and find deserving girls in the Philippines to be beneficiaries. Janeth and her network of volunteers also made a plan for the foundation to head it towards success in its two missions.
Janeth put this to heart and worked devotedly, accounting for every penny entrusted to her. Karen then realized that Janeth was a real trustworthy individual and offered her the post of Managing Director of the Ligaya Foundation in the Netherlands, which she accepted.

Ms. Perla Huerto has been a lawyer for 18 years and currently works as Judge in a court in the Philippines. She is married with two kids.
Having been greatly influenced by Karen’s remarkable penchant to help her fellowmen, she readily agreed to be on the board of the Ligaya Foundation. She is Janeth’s sister in law hence, communication will not difficult especially as regards the receiving of applications, screening the deserving beneficiaries and communication with schools. When Janeth starts as Managing Director in The Netherlands, it will be Perla Huerto who will take over the operation of the foundation in the Philippines

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