The Foundation is now in a position to grow its operations in the Philippines and to help more young women. We would like to appoint Janeth to manage the business in the Netherlands. As an ambassador for the Foundation she will support the volunteers in the Phlippines, oversee the management of programme content and initiatives as well as taking on financial responsibility for the charity.

Janeth’s role this year will be to expand the Ligaya Party’s field of influence in colleges and schools. The charity will work with young girls directly to help increase their self-esteem and to provide them with the confidence they need to give them a positive start in life.

2020 onwards:      The plan is for Janeth to train voluneers in the Netherlands so that they can carry out work here for the foundation, specifically to increasing the awareness of the foundation, in terms of its goals and activities.  We will be raising awareness also by organising events and speaking at events in the Filipino community in the Netherlands,  to increase name recognition of the foundation and to raise donors.  Our aim is to develop information and study materials for young women in the Filipino community in the Netherlands.  We will also work on making our website more interactive and professional. There have been signs in the Filipino community here in the Netherlands that there are signals of similar problems to those of young people in the Philippines.

Janeth is now in contact with the community and the plan is to investigate whether the programme can be introduced here and how it can best be implemented.  For the development of such a programme and to make the needs of the community transparent.  We will move forward to support young Filipinos here in the Netherlands.

Our intention is to continue the good work that the Foundation has started and fund raising in both the Netherlands and the Philippines will be key to this. We also intend to build on the international connections already in place and to create local partnerships in the Philippines. The Foundation is currently discussing a plan with Mr Amady Ba, Head of the international co-operation section of the International Criminal Court, which would offer apprenticeships to some of our girls within his organisation. Janeth’s role will be to finalise the details of this partnership.


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