The Ligaya Foundation is a committed advocate for public service in some sectors of Philippine society. It has its seat in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Ligaya Foundation aims to realize the dream for education of deserving young girls whose family lacks in resources. It also aims to support married couple who desire for a responsible parenthood by limiting their children.

The Ligaya Foundation actually started from a casual conversation between two of its directors, Karen McCusker (Karen) and Perla Huerto (Pearl). These two became friends since year 2008 exchanging pleasantries though email. When Pearl’s mother-in-law named Ligaya Huerto got afflicted with a dreaded disease, Karen, a born philanthropist with a very kind heart, never hesitated to extend not only moral, but financial support. As an incentive, Karen invited her mother-in-law to visit her in The Netherlands once she recovered, which promise she made good. Feeling very grateful to Karen, Pearl asked what gift she could send her to show how she appreciated the great effort. Instead of asking for any material gift, Karen mentioned that she and her partner, Paul Galdermans (Paul), lived a very simple life; and what they really wanted was to be able to help people.  Karen, Pearl and her sister in law, Janeth had many long conversations about this and decided together to set up a foundation aimed at helping people. What seemed to be a casual suggestion became a reality.

The decision was made to name the foundation after Pearl’s mother-in-law (Janeth’s mother), Ligaya, which means “happiness”. And so the name came about “ the Ligaya Foundation”.  The rest is then, history.

On April 16, 2012, the Ligaya Foundation was born. It has three directors, namely, Karen Rose McCusker, as the chair, Leo Jacobus Paulus Johannes Galdermans, as secretary-treasurer, and, Perla Polintang Huerto, as a board member in charge of any legal aspects.

Janeth was to be an executive officer, directing the operations of the community program, accepting the applications and initial screening of the applicants and preparing the funding procedures.

No matter the distance, the operations seemed to run smoothly and its vision realized.

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