The Challenge

Voluntary family planning is one of the great public health advances of the past century. Enabling women to make informed decisions about whether and when to have children reduces unintended pregnancies as well as maternal and newborn deaths. It also increases educational and economic opportunities for women and leads to healthier families and communities. Family planning is a smart, sensible, and vital component of global health and development…

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By the Bill & Meldinda Gates Foundation 2019


Keep saving lives

You may wonder whether the planet can sustain billions of people. But anxiety about population growth is dangerous.

”SAVING LIVES LEADS TO OVERPOPULATION.” We see comments like this all the time on the Gates Foundation’s blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed. It makes sense that people are concerned about whether the planet can continue to sustain the human race, especially in the age of climate change. But this kind of thinking has gotten the world into a lot of trouble. Anxiety about the size of the world popula-tion has a dangerous tendency to override concern for the human beings who make up that population…

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By Melinda Gates

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