Our mission

The Ligaya Foundation is committed to helping young deserving Filipino girls to achieve their dream for quality education. We provide financial support (scholarships) and coaching (Gallup strengths method) to improve the quality of their lives, and, hence, those of their family.


We provide financial support in the form of scholarships to help Filipino girls to study. Would you like to apply? Please check the following page for the requirements and form.


Next to the financial support we provide coaching and a personal Clifton Strengths Assessment. We would like to get the girls strengths (and weaknesses) to the surface and build from there. Providing a really effective way to reach their personal goals and to gain self confidence for the rest of their lives.


Click here to see the girls that graduated already!
Their success is our motivation.

About us

Who runs the foundation?

Individualisation | Relator | Discipline | Futuristic | Analytical

Hi I’m Karen.

I am English and set up the Ligaya Foundation with Janeth and Pearl. Getting things done is my talent but I also want people to move forward and live their best lives.

Things that speak to me are: do generous business, give back more than you take.  Think long-term for the planet and raise children to be themselves (hence my work with strengths).  Do not typecast children, nurture them to be themselves and live a life that suits them. As we all should.

I also love planning and attention to detail much to everyone’s annoyance sometimes!

I want to incorporate all my beliefs into this foundation with everyone’s help.

Harmony  | Achiever | Includer | Consistency | Woo

Hi I am Paul, 64 years young and from the Netherlands

Within the organization of The Ligaya Foundation, my job is to keep on top of the financial side and to support the other directors so everybody is happy!

After a career in the hospitality industry, myself and Karen started our own business developing and renting out real estate in our wonderful city of Amsterdam.

My talents for relationship building are in full use within, both the hotel management positions and now still, through the contact with our tenants.

p.s. I have been Karen’s husband for more than 40 years!  Long may it continue!

Positivity | Harmony | Includer | Restorative | Responsibility

Hello, I am Janeth, the Managing Director of the Ligaya Foundation.  I am from the Philippines and live in Amsterdam. Together with Pearl we look for and interview the best candidates for our foundation.

I take all my responsibilities very seriously and make sure the girls are doing well.  I support them and help them if they have problems or worries.  I am also the one who communicates with the schools.

I would like to give as many deserving girls as possible the chance to grow in a way that suits them.

Achiever | Positivity | Includer | Restorative | Responsibility |

 Hi, I am Pearl, the Managing Director in the Philippines for the Ligaya Foundation. I am in charge of the interviewing and screening of the prospective scholars and I discuss it with Janeth and then we recommend them to Karen and Paul.

I take all my responsibilities very seriously and make sure only deserving girls are admitted. I give them moral support and I celebrate with them for their every achievement. I love doing this because it gives me a sense of purpose and it will make for a longer, happier life!  In my regular job as a judge I am pretty busy.  I live in Lipa City with my husband Jojit and our two children. 

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